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As many of you know ,I started this blog with the idea that it would be all about gardening.

I started out okay, but well, other things started to happen.

Once we began renovating the bathrooms , one thing lead to another and other things needed doing.

Suddenly I was spending more time shopping (shudder!) than I was gardening.

I hardly did anything I had planned.

Plants I had started from seed died waiting to be planted in the spring, due to my lack of a greenhouse and too many nights taking care of other people’s plants ( but I love you anyways Tam!)

I had planned to plant sunflowers as I love how they look in fall.

That didn’t happen, but, thankfully the birds did it for me!

After spending all of last week cleaning and organizing the house I finally, by Saturday evening was able to say I was done.

I had reached the bottom of the laundry pile( a twice yearly event), scrubbed and vacuumed and rearranged the living room.

The time had come to use the lovely sunflowers in the house.

Here’s where they went. . .

The garden room.

By my favorite chair.

In my pretty new bathroom.

In the kitchen.

And then, for something a little different,

Some late flowering clematis paired with a bit of sea lavender.

Fresh flowers from the garden, a clean house and, oh yes, applesauce cake made with our homemade applesauce and butter icing. (yes I use real butter!)

Life is very good.

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