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Ta Da!!!

I’m so sorry I have been taking so long to post today, (Aunty Nancy 😉 ) but I am a little overwhelmed at the chaos that being away and then so busy over the last two weeks has caused in the house.

While the boys did keep things fairly clean, I came home to mountains of laundry (none of us has been able to find a clean towel to use after our shower), dirty floors, and a big undertaking that kept me running until this morning.

Now it’s time to catch up with the housekeeping.

So here, in pictures, is what I have been busy with since I came home. . .

The full story next week. . .

Last night’s Ladies Night Out. I was busy teaching two garden classes so Jesse came along to man the table. luckily for me, most of his friends are girls so he didn’t mind being the only man in the place!

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