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Taking Baby Pictures

While on my holiday in B.C. I spent a day at my youngest sister Sabrina’s and managed to sneak in my first ever baby photo shoot.

Before I went I did a little research online, my head filled with visions of babies in baskets, on vintage scales or sporting adorable hats.

My grand visions received a reality check when I discovered that the best time to shoot these types of pictures are when baby is between five to twelve days old. At that age they still sleep a lot and naturally curl up into those sweet baby poses needed for shots that involve props like buckets and baskets.

Hmmm. . .

Add to that the fact that the majority of my photography subjects up to this point didn’t move and I began to get a little nervous.

I do love a challenge however and I love babies so, rank amateur that I am, I decided it couldn’t hurt to just go for it anyways.

Damian’s room had light coming in from the window so we dragged a big ottoman under it, propped a pillow against the wall and covered it with a cute receiving blanket, doing our best to hide the vibrant yellow wall while we were at it.

At the last minute my camera’s battery decided to die, leaving me incredible grateful my sister Lisa had let me take her Canon with me as well. Thank you Lisa!!!

Sabrina had the sweetest little swim suit so we got him in it, swapped out the receiving blankets for a few white towels and I started snapping away.

He was such a good boy.

Even though I was using a strange camera nor had any real clue as to what I was doing, I had a blast.

If the world wasn’t filled with amazing baby photographers I would be mighty tempted to go in that direction rather than the gardeny stuff I do now.

I did do more research when I came home on how to edit people in Lightroom. They are not quite the same as flowers. Do you know what I discovered in all of this?

That being a rank amateur at something doesn’t mean you can’t still thoroughly enjoy the process of trying something new.

Sabrina and Rob were happy with the pictures.

Which of course was the whole point of the photo shoot . . . *(Click on photos to see them at their best.)

Any baby photographers out there have any tips on how I can improve should I ever get another chance to do this again???

Because I would do it again in a heartbeat. Thanks for letting me play Sabrina and Rob!

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