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Talented Tuesday. Breanne Jansen, Motion Designer and Film School Graduate.

Learning a new craft takes work. In the creative world it’s said that it takes 10,000 hours of work before you master your craft.

That’s a lot of hours . . .

I’m always fascinated by creatives who are passionate about their work. It doesn’t matter to me what their field is, art, music, food, I just love seeing someone immerse themselves in their craft.

It’s why I love chef Jamie Oliver, Master gardener Paul James, and sharpie artist Emmy Star Brown

I thought it would be fun to share some of these fabulous, passionate people with you once in a while and today I’m going to share the work of my niece Breanne Jansen.

Breanne has always been creative, drawing, photographing and filming as a girl and into her teens. (Her mom says she was born with a pencil in her hand.)

She’s got a unique view of the world (as do we all) and her work shows an amazing attention to detail. She’s just graduated from Vancouver Film School and is ready to set out into the world armed with her carefully honed skills.

She’s taking a bit of time off first as she’s been invited to volunteer at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival next week in Utah. (A really big deal!) A pretty exciting adventure for this young woman.

I wanted to share a bit of her work, so here is her newly finished Grad project. It’s message is the perfect way to kick off Talented Tuesdays . . .

It’s really crazy how much she’s learned over these last few years . . . and how many hours and hours of work she’s done to get to this level.

This is one of her early works. It’s simpler, but still a big favorite of mine as it stars her niece (my great-niece) Celina.

What is it that you like to create? I’d love to hear about that thing you can lose yourself in for hours at a time. Are you a scrapbooker? Gardener? Cook? Painter? Musician?

I’d like to feature you and your talent. Leave a comment and a place to contact you and we’ll talk. (The comment feature on the blog is working properly again! Whoo Hoo!)

Our talents are meant to be shared . . .

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