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Technical Difficulties

We’ve been experiencing technical difficulties for the last few months. Internet connection has been very spotty and when I could get on line, it often took a very long time to load various pages, making blogging next to impossible! After spending two hours on hold I finally managed to get our cable company to come out. Tomorrow they will be replacing our overhead cable line which should solve the problem for good.

You might be thinking I’ve just been hanging out, enjoying lovely, lazy, summer days with no blogging to do. . . Jesse tells me I don’t know how to have a lovely, lazy day and it’s possible that he’s right. At least while I am at home. Somehow, something always needs doing. Ev would probably disagree with me, as she is always doing something fun with her girls (sometimes she even lets her husband come along. . !) It’s odd, but somehow now that my kids are ( mostly) grown up, I don’t make time for festivals and what have you the way I used to. It’s not quite the same when you don’t have small kids of your own to go with. What I do find time for, are things like freezing thirty pounds of strawberries with vanilla been to use in strawberry short cake all winter long, painting and refreshing my outside front entry and, of course, gardening! ( Most of which Ev is doing on top of having fun with her family!) So, to fill you in on what’s been happening, I figured I would tell it in pictures rather than words. . . (Okay, okay, there are some words. I have to have some words!)

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