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That's so beautiful, I'd like to photograph that.

I was captivated by a short documentary on Helen Stewart, a multi-talented artist, author, and devoted gardener, living in Victoria, British Columbia.

She takes a walk through her garden every morning with her dog and draws things that she finds beautiful.

This reminded me of my own connection with my garden and how I capture it through photography.

That got me thinking about how much more intimately I feel connected with what's growing in my garden when I photograph it. It helps me focus on details I see and discover others I haven't.

A frilly petal, colours that fade from apricot to pale peach, flowers shaped like stars, white with purple tips, a vine loaded with whimsical clusters of tiny purple balls, some bursting open to show the stamens at the center.

These are some of the details that caught my eye while I was in the garden today.

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