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The bathroom’s done! For the most part. . .

Well, it’s done.

We switched some things and now. . .

I love it.

I still have to spend a day scraping little grout clumps off my tile (you get what you pay for, which in our case was a nearly free tiler) and then sealing all the tiles, but otherwise, all that’s left is accessorising!

Tips to pass on. . .

All white bathrooms show dirt.

And hair.

And bits of paper.

And hair. Every hair that lands in a white bathroom is immediately noticeable.

But I still love it.

Although I will be doing a lot more tidying and wiping as I go.

But I love it.

However. . .

If you have small kids . . .

Pass on the white floor.

P.S. Can anyone tell me why this very, very white bathroom looks somewhat dark when I take pictures of it?

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