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The Beauty Of Family At Thanksgiving

Because my surgery was the day after Thanksgiving, it was my intention to skip over Thanksgiving dinner all together.

I had so much I wanted to get done before hand, that I figured a dinner was just not the best use of my time.

Then I came across a very large turkey in the freezer. It had been there for a year. I decided that it was only sensible to cook it so we would have lots of turkey meat leftovers. Just our family and mom. Seven people. Very sensible.

As it got closer to the weekend I thought of Rebecca, celebrating her first Thanksgiving away from home. Since aunts can be a close second to moms in a pinch, I invited both her and Evan to come too. Nine people. Still a small gathering.

Chatting with my mother in law, I was told that Henry’s side was going to keep things simple and have a soup potluck on the Sunday. All I had to bring was buns!

Whoo Hoo! Count us in!

The closer I got to the week end however, the more strongly I began to feel the need to have a real gathering for Thanksgiving. . . so I also invited my sister and brother in law and their three boys.

13 people.

Still a modestly sized crowd, but, in a smallish under 1000 square foot home, that’s about all I can manage for a sit down dinner. (well, if I worked at it I could probably add 5 more. . .)

So here it is, the Beauty of Family at Thanksgiving. . . and it doesn’t hurt when you brother in law doesn’t just like to cook, he loves to cook. . .

dueling whisks

Hmmmm. . . not what I expected when I handed the camera off to Evan for the evening!

close to 30 pound’s!

a master carver

yes indeed. . . patience paid off when bacon started magically flying through the air. . .

a man who enjoys his job!!


almost time to eat!

that is a lot of turkey!


She never gives up!

I hope you all had an equally lovely Thanksgiving.

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