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The Big Announcement and. . . My Calendars Are Here!

So for the past several months I have been working on an Idea. I have always wanted to see if I could make some kind of income from gardening and although I tried something a few years ago while I was still bus driving, I found it too difficult to keep up with everything and just let it go.

I t wasn’t wasted though. . . I learned what I like to do and what I don’t like, what I am good at and the areas I still needed to learn more about. I filed this away as food for thought and moved on. The time has come to pull out the dream once more and see how it might work now that I have entered a new (retired from paid work ) phase in my life.

I have had large grand posts running through my mind in which I eloquently talked about my dream and where it was going to take me but somehow I just couldn’t bring myself to post them. I finally realized that it’s because I am not really sure where this adventure will take me. That nothing about this is set in stone or even a ‘sure thing.’

But I have come to realize that that’s okay. There are no rules for following your dream and although I have done plenty of work getting mine started, I am actually looking forward to the journey and all the twist and turns that journey will bring.

So. . . Without further ado, I would like to introduce my new venture. . .

I will be offering small classes at my home that will include a lovely garden tea as well as time to work on everyone’s particular garden issues. I have been having a great time making concrete leaf sculptures and various kits which have been available for sale at some local craft shows. I’ve done a few garden club hands on classes and have been asked to help design a small garden for a local school. At this point the sky is the limit and we will see were this all leads. . . Truthfully it couldn’t go anywhere if my lovely husband Henry wasn’t so very sweet and supportive. He thinks anything I do is a great idea (as long as is doesn’t interfere with hunting and fishing!) and doesn’t seem to mind living on less while we see were this will go. . . If you would like to know a little more you can check out my website at {growing} wisdom

In the mean time here is something else I have been working on. . .

Garden calenders for 2012!

The pages are made of heavy card stock and all the pictures were taken either in my garden or at Wellington’s garden center . I have 6 that I am offering for sale. They are $8 each. If you live in the Edmonton area you could still pick this up as a Christmas gift. If you are out of town it would take a little longer and the cost of postage would have to be added. You can either phone me at 780-471-5301 or e-mail me at . Just so you know what you will be getting, here are all the pictures used in the calender. . .













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