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The Crazy Things We Do . . .

I am working my way through my pictures but with over 700 taken, it will be a while before I get them all edited.

I saw my therapist at the lymphodema clinic today.

I’ve been having trouble with swelling around my knee for the last week or so. (You know . . . since I have gotten busy and started pretending my leg is just fine . . .)

I had been hoping that it was just because of the muscle being moved but since it is swelling more behind my knee, that is not the case.

It’s not really bad, but I have to get a handle on it as it will slowly get worse over the years, unless I find a way to bring the swelling all the way down by the time I get up each morning.

Some tips and tools for that are: a: to wear my new low compression stocking if it’s going to be a busy day (next week’s Blogwest conference will mean three busy days in a row), b: massage behind my knee, c: do the yoga pose ‘leg up the wall’ (exactly what it sounds like!), and d: doing my best not to have too many busy days in a row and keeping my leg up when I can.

I am going to have to try a lot harder on some of those things! It wouldn’t be so difficult if I didn’t like being busy most days!

More prayer needed I think.

And a quick look at the crazy things we do when Tamara and I get together . . .

Why, oh why, do I always end up looking like a goof???

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