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The Dark Side Of Organic Broccoli

Our family loves broccoli. Steamed, with cheese sauce, roasted with garlic and olive oil, it’s all good to us. That makes having access to organically grown broccoli in your own back yard a huge bonus. We can eat all I can grow. And I only grow organically. But. . . There is a dark side to organically grown broccoli. It rears it’s ugly head when you are eating your delicious, garlicky, roasted broccoli, savouring every bite, when your horrified gaze beholds one of these. . . . .!!!

Only instead of being green, plump and squirmy, he’s crispy, curled, and roasted! And he’s on your fork!!! Thankfully, Henry and Jesse just shrugged and said ” Oh well, it’s just extra protein.” It could have been so much worse. . . Had Crystal been over for dinner last night, her shrieks would have been heard around the globe! Mom’s would likely have joined her. Please don’t tell either one of them about this or they may never come for dinner again!

And now I’m off with a big plastic container and garden gloves for a lengthy caterpillar picking session. Shudder!!!

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