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The Last Of The Harvest

It’s going to be a busy few days around here. Colder weather is really starting to settle in and it’s time to take in the last of the harvest. Mom dropped off her dehydrator yesterday so I will be bringing in kale and parsley to dry. Hopefully it’s still good to dry. I was just looking out the window and realized that the kale is looking rather floppy. I know kale needs a frost for the best taste but now I’m thinking several frosts are maybe not so good! The carrot , leeks and beets are still in the ground, so the time has come to dig them up and get them either pickled, (beets) or chopped up for the freezer. The thing is, there are so many things going on at once it gets hard to prioritize sometimes. It seems the apples I had stored in the cold room to make pie filling from have softened too much for that to work, so at this point they are only good for applesauce. Now applesauce is good, but I still have quite a bit left, while the pie filling was gone a long time ago. Preserving food really is an art and I am coming to see that it is not easily learned. Yes, making jam isn’t that hard, but if it’s not something you’ve grown up with and observed how that would fit into the rhythm of day to day life it’s easy to think that it can always wait for a few day while you do other more ‘important’ things. Obviously not the case. So I am going to get off the computer and get down to some physical work. The harvest just won’t wait any longer.

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