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The Making of a Fairyland

Updated: May 14, 2020

The last month or so has been filled with all kinds of fun things!

We’ve had an engagement party for which there is only one photo (of a cupcake!) because 60 people stuffed into our little dollhouse kept me hopping, and prevented me from lifting my arms high enough to take any photos, it was that crowded. (People ate soup in the hallways because all the rooms were full.)

Henry’s mom celebrated her 80th birthday surrounded by family, a really blessing after her cancer diagnoses. Thankfully, it’s treatable and we are all praying those treatments go well.

I attended a delightful bridal shower for my niece Rachelle who was in town for Grandma’s birthday. Wait until you see the pictures! My sister-in-law Evelyn put on an amazing tea. . .

I photographed Brad and Amanda’s wedding.

Had a sweet little girl in the studio for her first birthday.

Enjoyed spending time with Doug and Val for a couple’s session in their own (fabulous) back yard. ( I even managed to persuade Doug to play with bubbles! ;D )

I also had a couple of sweet kids in to play dress-up and captured some wonderful photos of them to use in my ongoing Photoshop Artistry course.

You would not believe the amazing art my fellow classmates have been making! It’s quite astounding.

You can check it out in the second edition of Awake magazine.

Awake. (*Please note. This is an art course, so you may find some of the content to be risque.)

My own work leans towards fantasy and fairytale. I love an imaginary world . . .

As you know, fairies are notoriously shy, and it took some sneaky maneuvering in the forest to capture this one.

It’s not often I manage to have a camera at the same time a fairy portal opens. Poof! That portal would have been gone before I could blink. . .

{magical fairy elements by Lori Davison}

How adorable is this one?! But shhhh! if you’ve ever seen her, or even think you might know her, keep the fact that she’s been spotted to yourself. She’s the shyest of shy fairies and would be mortified to know she’d be seen. ;D

Now I’m off to do more work to get ready for my Grand Adventure next week.

Have an amazing week! 😀

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