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The Reveal

As promised, I am going to reveal how the front entrance makeover turned out. . . We went from this. . .

Before the door had an old metal screen door and an odd extra decorative metal piece to the left of the door that went up to the eave.

The screen was replaced with a new white one. I do regret not paying the extra $100 to have gotten a black one but it just wasn’t in the budget!

Time to replace the old hardware. It was tarnished and rather beaten up

To this. . .

We ( well by ‘we’ I mean my lovely brother-in law W ) removed the metal rails so I could spray paint them and then left off the extra odd piece for a more updated look.

There is no reason to have an ugly Beware of Dog sign!

New brushed nickle hardware. I painted out the unused peephole as I felt that hanging the new doorknocker to cover the peephole made the knocker too low. I couldn’t figure out how to fill the large hole I would be left with if I took the peephole ou,t so I went the (ahem) ‘creative’ route and painted it out instead

Taking the odd metal bit off, left the brick looking unbalanced, so my fabulous brother-in-law also hung this metal basket I painted black to even things out a bit. This will be a great place to add seasonal elements!

The old address sign had seen better days, so I put this new one up instead. Unfortunately, I put the vinyl numbers on upside down, making it impossible to hang the way it was meant to. Thankfully W is also ‘creative’ and just used great gobs of construction adhesive to put it up! I also put up a new mailbox as the old one had been painted several times and the paint was bubbling. The whole thing had also rusted quite badly. Finding a mailbox I liked that didn’t cost over $100 proved quite a challenge and in the end I chose this plastic one for $16 . It fit the budget and was in the simple style I was looking for.

I love how it turned out. It’s not perfect but then, what is???

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