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The Start Of A New New Year’s Eve Tradition??

My sister Tamara commented that she was looking forward to seeing the new way we were going to bring in the New Year.

When I talked about a new way of doing things in the New Year, that was not quite what I meant . . . but . . . perhaps she knew what we would be up to later that day. . .

Have we just started a new tradition???

Some time after lunch yesterday (which we hadn’t yet eaten) Henry wandered back in the house and asked if I wanted to go to Denny’s for a bite to eat. I can count on one hand the number of times we’ve gone to Denny’s, but the kids go there every so often so I do know that the food is pretty good.

I agreed as Holly flopped on the couch rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

“Ooohh that sounds like fun! You guys should go!”

I looked at Henry.

“Was this supposed to be a date??”

He snorted. “No. . .”

“Holly would you like to come too?”

Her eyes sparkled. “If you’re sure you don’t mind. . . “

“Run down and wake up Jesse. See if he wants to come too.”

Once he realized the meal was on us he was up and dressed in no time.

Morgan had been sleeping over at a friend’s house so they could watch World Junior Hockey in the middle of the night.

But he’s got good radar for stuff like this and phoned from a fast food parking lot wanting to know if anyone would like him to bring home food. He beat us to Denny’s.

As many of you know, I have this weird quirk that causes my face to contort in all manner of ways when a camera is pointed in my direction. . .

It took poor Henry ten minutes to get something he felt was acceptable. . . (I’m still not so sure. . .)

Some of us had breakfast. . .

Some of us had lunch. . .

And some of us had supper. . . . (and a bad attitude . . . because for some reason grumpy faces are fun when you make them at your sister . . ? )

While composing the shot below Henry looked at me as though I had lost what was left of my mind and asked “What are you taking a picture of??? A spoon?? Garbage??”

Holly calmly informed him that I was looking for the artistic shot.

I told him that as I can’t get out and have fun the normal way, I have to make my own fun.

And sometimes that means taking artistic (Ahem) pictures of spoons and crumpled straw wrappers.

Cause that’s how I roll now. . .

The new tradition?

Well we had quite the discussion on just what this meal was.

It was too late for breakfast but some of us hadn’t yet had breakfast. It could be a latish lunch but Henry looked at me, grinned and said “but you aren’t going to cook supper anymore are you?”

Ahhh. . . probably not.

So . . . not brunch or even lupper. . .

Blupper! New’s Year’s Eve day Blubber!!!

* No that last one’s not a typo. . . my kids can never leave well enough alone ( and I have no idea who they got that from!) and somehow blupper morphed into blubber.

Why? Sigh.

Holly tells me it’s for all my American readers who think Canadians live in igloos and eat blubber everyday . . .

I can almost guarantee that next New Year’s Eve day you will find us back at Denny’s for a now annual New Year’s Eve Blupper . . . I mean Blubber. Why not join us and start a tradition of your own. . .

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