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Today Started Out A Bit Weepy. . .

My morning started early, with a call from the hospital nurse.

I needed to do my pre admission over the phone. It was 7:30 am. We went over my medications, exactly what the surgery entailed and things to remember for my recovery when I come home from the hospital.

“This is pretty hard” she said.

I agreed and the weepiness began.

The reality was really starting to set in and it became quite difficult to stop thinking about it and just focus on the positive. Thankfully, my sister-in-law Dorothy dropped by to keep me company, although, she may have regretted it as she ended up vacuuming my whole house!

Thank you Dorothy!

And then my other sister-in-law Evelyn came by and dropped off supper. Pulled pork on buns.

Yumm. . .

I got messages of encouragement all morning, which was lovely, although some of the messages brought tears to my eyes. . . but in a good way.

Not long after Dorothy left, Nicole came. She was there to take me to my Cat scan and keep me company.

When we got to the hospital I was given 32 oz of water and told to drink it up within 20 minutes.

Gulp! I mean. . . Seriously? 32 oz???

We also had to watch a 5 minute film about the possible sides effects of the dye they would be injecting before the Cat scan. We had quite a laugh as they talked about the 1 in 70,000 chances of a reaction, or, in more familiar terms, about the same as being in an accident while driving from Edmonton to Calgary and back. We both mocked the necessity of such a thing, because , really, what are the chances???

A nurse brought me in to get an iv going and we began to talk about what was wrong with me and details of the surgery I would be having.

All of a sudden I felt warm all over and the thought flashed through my brain that I was already in the 20% . . . (my dermatologist told me after the initial visit that there was an 80% chance that they would excise the area my mole was in and the lymph nodes and everything would come back clean. Thus the 20%. . .)

So, who’s to say I wasn’t the 1 in 70,000?

And that’s when I started to feel hotter, queasy and like everything was falling away.

Yes indeed.

I passed out.

I felt mortified!

The nurses were wonderful and just kept coming by my stretcher asking if I was feeling better and, after a box of apple juice, I was!

Only the second time I my life that I have fainted.

After that, lying on the bed for the Cat scan and having the dye injected was a breeze.

There came a really cool part when the cat scan machine, which reminded of of a star gate, started whirring and I totally thought “Hey it’s just like something from Star Trek! This is so cool!”

Because sometimes I’m a dork.

Once I was done, Nicole drove me home and we grabbed a quick bite to eat.

I spent the rest of the day just hanging out, with a quick trip to the grocery store for some last minute perishables.

It’s nearly 11 pm and I have an hour before I have to stop all eating and drinking, including water.

But not to worry.

I saved my favorite donut and have big plans to party with a cup of tea and donut at 11:30.

Because there is nothing like a good party. . . or a good donut. . .

I will have some scheduled posts over the next week although Henry is going to phone my friend Ev tomorrow and she will be updating you all on this blog as to how I’m doing.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. It is immensely comforting to know how many people and prayer groups are praying for me.

God is truly gracious.

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