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Travel Tuesday. Touring my Teeny, Tiny Photogaphy Studio

Our adventure today brings us to a small room in my basement.

I’m pretty excited to show you all how my teeny, tiny studio makeover turned out. Remember what I started with??

Thankfully, I had kids willing to help out, and after a lot of white paint and some new base boards I had a clean slate to work my magic on.

I seriously had so. much. fun. outfitting this minuscule room.

I hit up thrift stores and wandered the mall looking for rock bottom deals. I used every last bit of white paint, wielding my brush with abandon. I did a little bartering with Cindy Panek who’s starting up a business of her own. She crocheted me some fabulous baby things in exchange for photographing her goods once she has her Etsy store up and running. Win Win.

I rummaged through the house looking for whatever I though might work. All those not quite white towels will be perfect for filling baskets.The little green doll crib I got as a girl was dragged out from under the deck and scrubbed within an inch of it’s life.

I had a blast! The studio was finally ready for business. So, without further ado, I give you my new photography studio . . .

How cute are these?

I love purple. Now all I need is a baby girl to dress up.

Isn’t this one adorable!

I see a fairy shoot in my future . . .

I tried this with a real, wide awake baby. I did not get this shot. All I can say is that Holly had her hand right there for good reason. (Ahem)

I hope you enjoyed your tour. I know I had a wonderful time putting this room together and now. .

I’m just waiting for kids to fill it. 😀

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