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Travel Tuesdays. A Spontaneous Adventure.

I mentioned in last week’s Travel Tuesday post that it had been a while since I had been on an adventure, so, when one came knocking on Friday night, I opened the door.

My friend Joyce phoned me Thursday night. Her cousin Lorraine was selling at a winter craft fair in Westlock which is about an hour outside the city . How did I feel about a road trip Friday night?

You don’t have to ask me twice! She even did the driving which made it my favorite kind of road trip. One where I didn’t have to drive!

We left the city a little later than planned, but had no problem chatting up a storm as we went.It had been awhile since we had seen each other, so we had lots to talk about. (Okay, okay, we would still talk up a storm even if we saw each other everyday . . .)

Once in Westlock we had to do a quick web search to find out where the craft fair was being held. Imagine our surprise to find out we had missed the Santa parade and a festive dinner.

We hadn’t missed the fireworks though! They started at 9:30. Whoo Hoo! We love fireworks. For years it was tradition to head to her house on New Years Eve with the kids, hang out with other friends and their kids and enjoy an amazing fireworks display.

First stop the craft fair.

Lorraine’s booth was near the front, so we headed that way and before you knew it . . .we were chatting up a storm! Lorraine also has greenhouses and sells beautiful plants in the spring. Her greenhouses are a lot larger than mine, so it was great to get another point of view. It’s 8:40. Whaaat?! “Joyce we’d better look around quick! they’ll be closing in no time!” Ooooh, if you could see what I got! But you can’t. Not until I get a sweet little newborn into my studio. . . stay tuned for that.

Send your pregnant friends my way if you can’t stand waiting . . . ;D

There was still a few minutes to check out a local store, who’s name I’ve forgotten, something Joyce will never let me live down. It’s quite odd and she said it several times because it makes her giggle. Craziest place ever. But in a cool way. Cowboy boots and quilting fabric side by side, along with just about anything else you can think of.

Crossing the street to the truck, we noticed another store with beautiful gift items. We were too late though. The owner was bringing the sign in. I mentioned how much I liked her store and that it was too bad I’d missed it.

“You don’t have to miss it. I haven’t closed the till yet. Come on in!” We left with cool ceramic travel mugs (this one’s mine) . . .

and made it outside just in time to watch the fireworks.

It was magical. And then it started snowing. Double magical.

I do love a spontaneous adventure.

Thanks for taking me along on yours Joyce!

What about you? Have you been on any spur of the moment adventures lately?

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