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Travel Tuesdays. A Winter Farmers Market

On Saturday Henry and I got up early and headed for the Old Strathcona Farmer’s market.

Henry has been walking around in moccasins that are so well ventilated, more sock than sole touches the ground when he walks. He loves his moccasins though and as he bought them at the Farmer’s Market we figured it was past time for another visit.

We went early so we could have breakfast and turn the outing into an adventure/date while we were at it.

Getting the chance to see green growing things was a good start to the day. . . .

Breakfast was fabulous and we lucked out and got too hear two amazing boys play the violin while we ate.

Strolling around after breakfast we noticed that many stall were empty and then. . . that the moccasin man’s stall was occupied by someone else!


To top it off when we got to the Happy Camel’s stall they weren’t there either! Whaaaat! No tzatziki or Za’taar flat bread???


I did, however stop to chat with this nice young woman who asked me if I was going to the Byzantine Winter Festive the following weekend.

I had never heard of it. She urged me to go telling me it was the perfect place for a photographer. There are ice sculptures, fireworks, mummers. . . All manner of opportunities for interesting photos.

She called me an artist . . . So that’s where you will find Holly and I this Saturday.

Maybe it’s time to see if I am. . . If you live in the Edmonton area and want to go on a little adventure this weekend you might want to check out the Deep Freeze Byzantine Winter Festival as well.

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