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Travel Tuesdays. Becoming a Tourist in your own City

How often have you gazed at fabulous photos from a friend’s vacation and thought “There’s nothing like that where I live!”

Here’s the thing though,

The lady who lives down the street from the fabulous location your friend visited??? . . .

Looks at pictures from her friend’s vacation in your town and thinks “There’s nothing like that where I live!”

It’s time to look at your town or city like a tourist.

Before assuming there’s nothing of interest to see or do in your home town, Google it. Design Sponge, a design blog I enjoy, had an entire post on everything that’s amazing about Edmonton. There’s enough there to keep me going for months, maybe even an entire year!

I’d love to look at an old castle but as there’s nary a castle to be found in a city as young as Edmonton, I do the next best thing. . .

I grab my camera and head to historic Old Glenora. Truthfully I drive there at least once or twice a week with Jada but it never gets old to me and I always feel like I’m taking a mini vacation as we wander our way through the neighborhood.

Can’t you imagine a fairy tale taking place in this house?

I LOVE ‘eyebrow’ windows!

The parties you could have on this porch. . .

Is there anything more fabulous than a brick house covered in virgina creeper turned red in the fall?

So I want to know . . .

What fabulous place should I visit in your hometown?

Tamara’s out of town today and unable to play so I’m on my own. Why not join me today? Don’t forget you can post on our Travel Tuesdays Facebook page if you don’t blog or if you’re just short on time and can’t blog.

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