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Travel Tuesdays . . . Family

Welcome to Travel Tuesdays where we talk about travel and adventure both at home and abroad. Tamara has posted her adventure here, mine is below and we hope you’ll add your story through the link at the bottom of the page. Adventure is a state of mind not a place on the map . . .

I don’t know about you but the majority of my traveling involves visits to family. I feel so blessed to be at a stage of life that allows me to spend time with my loved ones face to face at least once a year.

This last visit to B.C. was no exception . . . but this time there was a bit of a twist.

This time I also got to visit with a cousin I hadn’t seen in years . . . all because she was visiting her family . . .

Rather than get all philosophical in this post I’m going to prove once again , that I become a nutcase in front of the camera . . .

Well, after 20 pictures or so we finally got this one . . .

Whew! That one’s not so bad.

I thoroughly enjoyed our visit with Aunty Jenny, Uncle Henk, my cousin Ruth and Aunty Jenny’s lovely caregiver who was brave enough to get behind my camera and attempt to take at least one good picture of the three us us.

I think she did a great job!

Now it’s your turn . . . Please join us in throwing a spotlight on the little things you do in life that inspire you, delight you, and just all around make you JOYFUL! Link back to our Travel Tuesday Linky Party and share your adventures. Did you take a trip to Paris? Or perhaps a picnic in the park? Maybe you found a new little bistro just down the block? Discovered a garden oasis in your neighbourhood? Snap some shots and join us as we live out life of ADVENTURE every day of the week. Just click on the InLinkz link below and join in the fun! *Don’t forget to link to your actual post rather than your general blog address. You can do this by clicking on your post title and copy and pasting that address to the link. A few other things you can do to liven up the party is to link back to Travel Tuesdays on your blog and visit at least a few of the other bloggers and leave them a comment. Spread the love . . . As promised we have also come up with a way for everyone to share in the fun, even non bloggers! We now have a Travel Tuesdays Facebook page! If you don’t blog, or even if you do, hop on over there and leave your pictures and stories. It doesn’t even have to be Tuesday. ;D

Arghhh . . . My link isn’t working. The one I sent Tamara is but mine . . is not. Sigh. Hopefully next week.

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