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Travel Tuesdays. Pike Place, Seattle.

My sister Lisa took me on an adventure while I was visiting her this summer. I got to her place early and we headed for the American border, destination Seattle.

Have you ever been to Pike Place? I had been several years ago while on a three day cruise with Lisa and I was mighty excited to be going back.

I can not take a trip to the U.S. with Lisa and not sneak in a bit of clothes shopping. I don’t know what it is but that girl can scent a bargain from miles away. She knows all the best places.

Give her a shopping assignment and then stand back.

Her eyes gleam while her mind races, ticking off one store after another, discarding anything that won’t fit the shopping parameters of the assignment at hand.

Many of you may already know how I feel about shopping. I don’t like it. I never find anything I’m looking for, stuff is always way out of my budget and given a choice I’d rather be doing pretty much anything else. (Except housework. . . I’d never rather be doing housework.)

However. I love pretty clothes and, as I have yet to have the perfect dress find it’s own way to my closet, shopping has to happen every once in a while.

Enter. Lisa.

While on our way to Seattle we stopped in one store after another. By the time I was done I had four new dresses, a sweater, two pairs of shoes and some very pretty underwear. All on sale. Most of it very, very on sale.

Henry loves my new dresses. So do I. Thanks Lisa.

Of course. . . that was just the beginning of the trip. We hadn’t even made it to Pike Place yet. . .

So we stopped for a little lunch.

and then enjoyed some serious adventure on the waterfront.

While I wasn’t surprised to find music inside. . .

I was very surprised to see a piano on the street corner!

Of course it wouldn’t be a market without veggies. . .

And flowers. . .

Seafood of course. . .

There’s some pretty fabulous stuff going on outside the market too. . .

A quick stop for a late supper and it’s time to head home. . .

Is there anything nicer than an adventure with your sister?

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