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One day late I’m afraid but I spent most of yesterday (when I wasn’t working) sleeping.

I’ve been feeling under the weather lately and it finally caught up with me.

So. . .

Without further ado. . .

The treasure!

What is this you ask?

Good question!

My sister T and her husband B were in town for a business seminar.

They are in the greenhouse business and the seminar required a game.

T came up with a game that required the participants to identify the various plant cuttings.

As there were two teams, there were two identical batches of cuttings. Twenty in each.

Guess who got to take the cuttings home?

Yep. ME!

Whoo hoo!

Better than jewelery anytime!

They had to be planted fast though, as they had spent nearly two days in T’s carry on bag.

They all seem to be okay so I’ll keep you posted.

Here’s what one of them looked like in the bag.

Can you guess what this is?

Here it is out of the bag.

Can anyone tell me now?

Did you say million bells?

I did.

I was wrong.

It is a potunia. Have you ever heard of it?

I hadn’t. But now I have.

I love new plants!

Here’s what my plant shelves looked like before I planted 40 cuttings into 4″ pots.

Here’s what they look like now!

As you can see I have moved all non essential plants to other locations.

Anyone with any suggestions as to were all the plants I haven’t started yet might go?

I’m going to be hanging lights in my bedroom next!

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