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Unusal Home Decor and a Weekly Update

I brought a few things home from my trip to the Northwest Flower show and had a chance this week to reorganize my office. (I even managed to get down on the ground and back up again, by my self!)

Henry’s comment on viewing the new display. . .

“Only Rosa would put a prosthetic foot on a counter and call it decoration . . .”

Wooden shoe last, home decor

Shows how little he knows. . . it’s a wooden shoe last . . . I googled it just to make sure I actually knew what I was talking about . . On other news. . . Holly and I have been hard at work this week, running here, there and everywhere to get the work room and plant shelves outfitted with everything needed for both the Spring Open house on April 26 and 27 and the Spring plant Sale in May.

clay tags

antique scale, home decor

We’ve been tossing around some fabulous ideas and will give you a sneak peek or two in the coming weeks.

Our school was to host a Fine Arts Extravaganza and opened it up to the adult members of our community as a way to share our talents and ideas with everyone. I had a blast putting together a display for some of my pictures. I say a display because a: I couldn’t afford to run out and buy a bunch of frames and b: it’s always more fun to put a little twist on these things anyways.

I love how it turned out. I would also love to show you a picture but . . . as usual . . . I worked on it until the last possible second and ran out of time.

I’ll post a picture as soon as I get it back. Which is going to take longer than I thought it would . . . the extravaganza was postponed due to the huge snowstorm we had yesterday . . . Spring in Alberta!!!

It will, however, go up on my wall to replace this mirror, which jumped off the wall, smashing itself to smithereens. As no one was there at the time, the cause is unknown. . .

I decided I shouldn’t be the only family member to contribute though. So I entered this pencil crayon work Henry did several years ago. . .

growing plants under lights

coloured pencil drawing war of the worlds

coloured pencil drawing war of the worlds

It’s a copy of a record album. Isn’t he amazing! ( seriously . .. my mind boggles just at the thought of getting all the lettering the right size, shape and spacing . . . never mind the picture!!!)

I will be planting more seeds tomorrow. I think some lemon sugar cookies will also be added to the To Do list.

Life is good.

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