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Using Animoto to make a short video. Painlessly.

The past few weeks I’ve been fighting off a pretty nasty virus that my daughter Holly brought home. Thankfully I haven’t gotten it as badly as she did but it sure has slowed me down.

Which is one of the reasons I was so excited to discover Creative Live’s Photo Week. It gave me an excuse to hang out in my chair with a cup of tea for nearly an entire week.

The instructors didn’t just teach, they inspired

In one of the workshops the instructors talked about using Animoto to make videos for their client’s weddings.

The minute the workshop was over I headed straight to Ainimoto to give it a try. I have always had making videos on my ‘Learn how To Do’ list so I was quite excited with the idea that I could possibly make one quickly and painlessly.

Here’s what I put together at the spur of the moment:

It really was quick and painless.

I can hardly wait to make something using film and photos. Now all I need to do is learn how to make movies with my new Canon T3i . . .

Don’t you love creating something new?

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