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Val and Doug. A Couples Portrait Session

Updated: May 15, 2020

A while back, during an unusual mild spell, I had the chance to visit Doug and Val at their beautiful acreage for a couple’s portrait session.

I had done Laura and Anthony’s anniversary portraits there, late last summer, so I knew I would have some amazing locations to work with.

I wasn’t quite sure how this portrait session would go though. Doug’s always struck me as a real ‘man’s man’, and I wasn’t sure how he’d react to my somewhat whimsical approach to portrait sessions. After all, blowing bubbles and ‘a man’s man’ are not two things that you naturally think of as going together . . .

He was such a good sport though! We tried out an assortment of locations on their property, each one lovelier than the last.

Doug and Val got a little snuggling in (while being closely observed by one of their boys hiding behind the wood pile! There is no privacy when you’re a parent . . .)

Not only did Doug take all the bubble blowing in stride he even allowed me to post the pictures on the blog! Now that’s a sweet husband. 😀

I love couples portraits. So often, once you have kids and are in the midst of the demanding busy-ness that brings, you put your identity as a couple on the back burner, telling yourself you’ll pick it back up when the kids get older. Taking time out for the two of you as a couple and then printing your favorite photo from the session is a great way to reconnect and remind yourself that you are more than just ‘mom and dad’.

Here are some of my favorites from Doug and Val’s session:

Thanks for playing with me you guys!

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