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We Interrupt This Program. . .

Some of you might be thinking that you would see a post about the anniversary party.

It’s a logical assumption, after all, 25Th anniversaries and having both sisters visit with their husbands at the same time are not things that happen around here every day!

Monday of course, Lisa was still here and I wanted to enjoy every minute of her visit, so that was out.

Tuesday I felt rather done in and spent the loveliest day reading Girl of the Limberlost which I had never read before. Is there anything better than curling up in a blanket on a very cold day with a good book?

I think not!

Wednesday, I was leaving school in the morning and got a phone call. . .

“Ah, mom? I missed the bus.”

For crying out loud!

I got home as fast as I could, loaded Jada in the back of the Suburban and raced back to school.

Jesse went to class and I took Jada for a walk on the country road by the school.

She had a blast, running like a maniac down the road until I called her back (or when she thought she was getting too far ahead of me) and racing back to me at top speed just brushing my legs as she sped past me.

There was lots of leaping in the snow drifts and intense sniffing for deer.

All good things must come to an end however and as I was getting a trifle chilly, (-23C people!)

we headed for home.

Somehow that did me in and I spent the rest of the day resting before I had to go back to school.

Of course that meant I hadn’t made any bread or dinner so this morning I promised myself that things were going to be better.

I would get home, walk Jada, start some bread, make some boterkoek, wash the dishes, (we were resorting to plastic cutlery again) and make a lovely dinner before heading back to school this afternoon.

All was going well.

I got home later than usual due to rather poor road conditions but I dropped my bag, got Jada ready and took her for a walk around the neighbourhood.

We got home and the phone rang. . .

“Hi Rosa, this is the school. We have Jesse here in the office with very sore ribs. He got kicked in gym. Can you come and get him?”

You’re kidding me right?!

I had to pick him up two weeks ago and bring him to the doctor for concussion after he got hit in the head playing hockey!

When I got there it turned out he had jumped into another boy’s knee in midair trying to keep him from scoring a basket in basketball.

The knee jammed into the same ribs that had been kicked in last years hockey game.

Off to the doctor (again!)

He thinks Jesse has cracked a few ribs.

Off to get x-rays.

Then to get some rather potent Tylenol 4.

No school for him tomorrow.

I had just enough time to make lunch and post this rant (ahem), I mean explanation as to why there is still no party post.

Now I’m off to school.

If you still want to complain about the lack of party pictures I invite you to give this guy a hard time. . .

It’s all his fault!

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