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Weddings. Trying on the dress.

Things are getting exciting over here as we start the countdown to Morgan and Kim’s wedding day.

31 more sleeps!

A few months ago we all went on an adventure as Kim searched for her dress. Mom’s, sisters, bridesmaids . . . everyone was there.

It’s a special privilege, being there while the bride tries on her dress. I felt blessed to be included.

So many pretty dresses. . . so little time . . .

In the end Kim didn’t find ‘the’ dress on this trip. (you didn’t really think I would spoil the surprise did you?!) It was sure fun looking though.

We ended the evening with delicious food and good company. The best way to finish off any adventure.

Tomorrow?? The mom of the bride and the mom of the groom are spending the day shopping for all those last minute bits and pieces.

I’ll be Instagramming all day! Come spend the day with us.

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