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Welcoming a New Baby to the Family

We have actually welcomed three new babies to the family but since two are far away, I’m just waiting for a few more pictures to be posted on Facebook so I can steal them and then tell you all about them!

A sneak peak at my youngest sister Sabrina’s first baby . . .

Isn’t he adorable?!!

Today though, I’m going to introduce you to the newest addition to Henry’s youngest brother’s family . .

Meet Jonathan . . .

How cute is he???

I just love babies.

It also gave me a reason to have a little fun in the kitchen. After all . . . new babies need presents right?

Since this new baby has three older siblings, I decided to do something just for them first.

Homemade play-dough . . .

please excuse this terrible picture . . I was running late and had No time to fiddle!

Clara seemed to like this one.

Of course, when you decide to play in the kitchen it’s never clean and it always takes longer than you think it will, but I had so much fun baking cupcakes from scratch (The Martha Stewart Cookbook) and then using my cake decorating tools (a gift from my dad years ago) that I didn’t care that I had left it looking like a disaster zone.

How fun is it to play with cake and icing?

And when you can use pretty packaging to finish things off??? ( Martha Stewart cake boxes I stock piled after a fabulous sale at Micheal’s.)


Thanks for giving me a chance to snuggle your sweet baby Andrea.

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