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What A Weekend!

Well I’m thankful it’s Monday. My weekend was non stop action and anxiety and I’m just glad it’s over! Jesse came home from work early on Friday night in serious pain. It seems that he had been kicked in the ribs twice that lunch hour during a floor hockey game. By two different guys! Talk about unsportsmanlike conduct! However both apologized. That said, we spent the rest of the evening at the medi center waiting to see a doctor. The doctor figured it was likely he had cracked his ribs but said an x-ray would not be all that useful because often cracks don’t show up well on an x-ray (it’s sometime later, when the crack has calcified, that they show up) He sent us home with Tylenol number 3 and instructions to take it easy. We were told if he had any trouble breathing to go straight to Emergency as that could signal a punctured lung, although he felt everything would be fine. Sure enough on Saturday evening as Holly and I were shopping he phones me in a panic. He’s in serious pain and having trouble breathing. Now I’m in a panic and we fly home, pick up Jesse and head straight for the hospital. I won’t go into those three hours of waiting, worry, long lines and obnoxious fellow patients. Thankfully after an x-ray we were told he had just badly bruised the muscles around the ribs. Whew! BIG sigh of relief! Yesterday was morning church, getting a huge pot of chili made for the chili supper we had after the afternoon service and staying to clean up. I got home to Friday’s groceries strewn all over the kitchen, living room couch cushions missing their covers as I had washed them the previous day with the intent of beginning my big Christmas clean, and fluff from Jada’s nearly decapitated bunny all over the living room floor. I decided to forget it all and went to bed early. That turned out to be a very good thing as Jada woke me up twice last night to let her out. All that delicious wet food has given her a really gross case of diarrhea. (As in, I was cleaning a furry behind in the middle of the night!) The good news? The vet says Jada should be fine now, and I can stop giving her wet food. And Jesse , although pretty sore, is going to be just fine too. I’m going to clean the house today. Tomorrow is Remembrance day and a holiday. I intend to sleep in, bake cookies and start off the Christmas season by going shopping for my Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes. We’ve been doing them since the kids were small. Tune in Wednesday for a post on that.

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