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What’s happening today?

I brought Jada to the vet for her annual shots this morning and then I tried out a do-it-yourself dog wash at our local pet store/daycare.

It was awesome!

When I wash her at home it takes forever just to wet her down to the skin, because my hand-held shower head is a water saver and so has very little pressure. Then there’s the bending over, the shampooing, the rinsing, the conditioning and the rinsing. Don’t forget several large shakes to rid herself of all that water. Which is then deposited all over me as well as the entire bathroom. The next step in this ritual is a crazed race through the entire yard, where she will rub herself on every bush and plant to dry herself. Sometimes she’ll come in dirtier than she was before the bath! I don’t let her outside after a bath until she’s dry now.(I do learn from my mistakes… although I’m a little slow sometimes. 🙂 )

By the time I’m finished an hour has passed, I need a shower and the bathroom needs to be scrubbed down. That takes at least another hour.

She was in and out of the tub at Tailz in 15 minutes!

That was the best $15 I’ve ever spent! The only thing wet on me was the bottom of my long sleeves. ( Next time I’ll wear a t-shirt.)

And I will do it again… Even if someone feels compelled to comment on the cost!

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