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What The Beginning Of March Looks Like In Edmonton

For me March is the hardest month of the year. Not because it is physically difficult, January and February have that distinction. No, March is mentally my most annoying month. Every year I think that by the beginning of March I should be seeing real signs of spring. I mean, I know that we will likely get a bit more snow or a short cool spell but overall I’m always positive that spring is right around the corner. Going back through my blog today to confirm that, yes indeed, spring is in the wings, I discovered that I am totally out to lunch! I have been blogging since January 2008 and spring was never just around the corner in any of those past Marches! For crying out loud! I’ve decided to chronicle what March looks like every year. I’m hoping this will lessen my self delusion. (I hold out very little hope for that, but, hey, it’s worth a try!) This year I’ve made a short movie.

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