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When You See Yourself In Your Kids

*Well, I’m still not able to load pictures so this will be another word only post.

*2016 update. Jesse a few months earlier. Who doesn’t play with the groceries??

Have you ever had a moment when you looked at your child, involved in some activity or another and realized “That kid is just like me!”

When you not only saw yourself, but saw yourself as others must see you?

I had a moment like that on Tuesday evening.

Our school doesn’t do traditional valentine’s day card boxes and what have you. Rather, the whole week is devoted to fun activities that help raise money for an orphanage in Kenya. Wednesday was the day for the senior high students to have their Box Lunch Social. This year the boys would be doing the cooking and the girls would be decorating the rooms to eat lunch in, as well as bidding on the ‘boxed lunch’.

Jesse was pretty excited about this because he loves to cook. He got to planning his meal and scoffed at all those boys who complained that they couldn’t do it.

He decided to serve a stir fry with chow mien noodles, Aunty Lisa’s chocolate trifle for dessert and milkshakes to drink. “

“After all”, he reminded me, ” you’ve got lots of fruit left in the freezer and what could be better than a strawberry milkshake with local organic berries?”

You might think that was the moment. Not quite.

He and a friend decided they would shop for groceries after catechism and Jesse would sleep over and help his friend with the meal.

“That’s it!” you think. Nope. Not yet. . .

He began to pack up what we had at home that he would need.

Broccoli, onions, peppers, strawberries, garlic, olive oil, herbs de Provence sea salt blend, garlic rosemary pepper blend, milk,a cutting board, my chef’s knife, vegetable peeler, cast iron wok,wooden spoon, cooler, ice packs, plates, cutlery, glasses, a flower vase, and candles.

“Why in the world are you taking dishes along?? They have dishes at school.”

He looks straight at me, shakes his head and says incredulously “But those are washed in school water!! (well water with a distinctly eggy smell) I’m not going to use those!”

That was the moment. He was dragging everything but the kitchen sink along and I saw myself doing countless catering jobs for school or throwing parties for family and friends.

It was the dishes however that made me see how others must see me.

A little over the top. . .

Jesse really takes after his dad in most things, especially in his mellow outlook on life. But in some things he really does take after me.

And that makes me proud.

(In case you are wondering. . . Two girls went together to buy Jesse’s lunch. They paid $130.00! He also handed out a rose to each girl in his class. Yep, he also a romantic. That would be me again. Henry just tells me to buy myself some flowers. . . . 😉

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