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Why I’m NOT a Big Fat Liar . . .

A while back I wrote a post that talked about how much I want to write.

I meant every word when I wrote it. I still do. So I’m not really a big fat liar, I just forgot something. . . My other passion.

The snow had finally melted, plants were in the greenhouse and it was time for a plant sale! And plant sales are a lot of work, believe you me.

So. . . no time to write.

Plant sales don’t last forever though and mine finally came to an end. So I should have time to write. Right??


Now it was time to redo my back garden. Because isn’t that what you do every year?

You don’t???

Huh. I seem to.

This year is different though. This year my mind is swirling with all the new things I want to learn and try. I’ve bought books on concrete sculpting, signed up for a Fine Arts Grunge Composition Photoshop Artistry course, taken a one on one photography lesson (which took place in part in Greenland garden center !) and have a stack of books beside my chair on decorative painting to refresh my memory on techniques.

I love my garden but the time has come to finish it off and enjoy it rather than constantly changing it. I want to tweak it every year instead of constantly reinventing it.

To that end I have been emptying out the garden centers in some of my favorite big box stores, taking advantage of Nicole’s garden hardscape skills and nagging sweetly suggesting to Henry that this is the year to finish up all the garden projects that have been dragging on (ahem), waiting to be finished.

So I’ve been gardening nearly non stop in between all that other stuff I just told you about, leaving no time for writing.

But I’m getting close to the end and I love, love, love how things are coming together in the back garden!

As soon as I’m done I’ll have a before and after post.

And, if you were wondering after my last post??? I was brave. Not only did I garden toothless in the front garden, I also ran to Winners in search of garden ornamentation to jazz things up a bit. I figured I would just pretend to be rummaging in my purse with my head down when the clerk asked me anything. It was a good plan. Except, I forgot it when I was actually at the cash register.


Oh well she didn’t look at me too weirdly. Maybe she didn’t notice.

The truth is though, even if she had??? Somehow I just didn’t care. How awesome is that??? Not that I want to do it again anytime soon . . .

I leave you with a few pictures of my front garden which is finally mostly finished with just a little tweaking each year . . .

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