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Services and the Process

Welcome to Rose Garden Designs, where creating your dream garden is a delightful adventure!


I know that designing your ideal garden can be overwhelming, but don't worry, we're in this together! I'll make the process fun and enjoyable. 


One of the secrets to enjoying your garden is taking it one small space at a time. This way, we can ensure that every detail is perfect and tailored to your unique needs and preferences. By focusing on smaller areas, you won't find yourself in a garden overrun with weeds. And trust me, there's no skimping on style or creativity, my personalized designs are bursting with beauty and charm.


I understand that your days are busy, but everyone needs a place to unwind and relax. And the best part is that you can enjoy your garden retreat even before the entire project is complete! Each space is designed to be functional and beautiful from the beginning, so you can start living the garden life immediately.


Life can be unpredictable, so my approach is perfect for your changing needs and lifestyles. You can add new spaces over time, making this budget-friendly and adaptable.


 Whether you're a bookworm seeking a cozy nook, a flower lover craving bursts of colour, or someone who enjoys the soothing sound of water, I've got you covered.


Contact me today to start your journey to a beautiful garden space, and we'll create a retreat that's uniquely yours.

The Process 


Ready to transform your garden? Here's how it works:

To get started:

  • Click the contact button.

  • Fill out the contact form to book your garden
    design and ask any questions you have.


  • Pay the design fee.

  • Complete the design questionnaire (don't worry, I'll guide you through it).

  • Set a date for our in-person meeting where we dive into the details of your garden space.

  • Based on our discussion, I'll create a personalized garden space just for you.

design drawings-rosa-veldkamp-1.jpg
annual flowers may3-rosa-veldkamp-3.jpg
  • Receive a PDF with your garden design, including a plant list and care guide.

  • Book a 15-minute FaceTime call for extra assistance during your garden installation.

Need more help?

You can add on:
  • Additional FaceTime calls.

  • In-person assistance.

  • An interactive online space tailored to your garden, complete with a vision board and design ideas.

Interactive online vision board.png
ladies mantle rain drop-rosa-veldkamp-1.jpg

Prices start at $350, and the cost will vary based on the project's size and complexity.

Take the leap and inquire about a garden design today!​

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