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Looking Back

Updated: May 15, 2020

Jada just went in to the vet get a suspicious lump on her leg checked out yesterday. At her age (13) that kind of thing makes your heart race a bit. We had been told several years ago that dogs her size don't generally make it much past 12.

Dr Annabelle's first comment as she came into the exam room was "Oh Jada, aren't you aging gracefully!"

After a thorough check up we went home knowing overall she's still in fabulous shape with a fluid filled cyst that is probably benign. It's going to be a "Let's keep an eye on it." kind of thing.


I found myself looking back through some old pics of her today and these made me laugh.

You will still find her looking at your food with intense concentration. If she thinks at it hard enough, it's bound to fall on the floor sooner or later . . .

Jada at three loved bacon

And when it comes to going for a walk, weather is irrelevant . . . Then and now! (although it's been a long time since I've had to bring out that hat! If it's cold enough to need it, it's too cold to go out. ;) )


'Old dogs can be a regal sight. Their exuberance settles over the years into a seasoned nobility, their routines become as locked into yours as the quietest and kindest of marriages.' Gail Caldwell.

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