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3 Weeks!!

Good grief! It’s been three weeks since I’ve posted anything!

Some of you might be wondering if I have casts on both hands or perhaps think I’m lolling on a warm sandy beach somewhere.

Oh to be lolling!

We have been enjoying an early spring and my allergies are out in full force this year, leaving me rather limp and worn out.

Sensible people of course take it easy in these situations, but I have never been accused of being sensible. . .

I’ve had company,

(Here’s a Grandma who will do anything to get a laugh!)

worked on spring cleaning (with some welcome help from mom), started some new projects and finished up a few old ones.

(Henry did an awesome job of putting up new shelves in my ‘computer’ room. I feel inspired to make things every time I come in here.)

Okay. . .

I must confess . . . there were also a few days in there where I drove the bus, came home and slept or did nothing, drove the bus again and came home and did nothing and went to bed very early.

Once in a while I can be sensible.

Ev and I went out to lunch for her birthday this week and ended up in an excellent little restaurant where we were delighted to discover many menu items were made with local food.

I forgot my camera and Ev forgot to take pictures! What kind of bloggers are we anyways?

I also have a shocking admission to make. . .

I have not started one seed.

I’m not quite sure how that happened but I’m way behind and I’m hoping some time out at Marlene’s greenhouse fillings pots with soil will inspire me.

(Marlene’s greenhouse last spring.)

Tam and Byron will be out here early next week and I’ll get a sneak peek at this spring’s fabulous new planters.

More inspiration.

And for one last picture. . .

Ev and I enjoy our Seed Exchange. . .

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