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A busy weekend

Well, I’m back.

It’s been busy all around.

I had intended to bake this weekend and then post the recipe for my cinnamon bread but…

Something came over me, and I spent all of Saturday, well into the evening, spring cleaning my basement.

It is so much better now as you can actually walk through the hallways!

This week promises to be busy as well.

We have Jada’s friend Katie over again for a few days. She’s whining as I type because she wants me to sit in the chair, instead of at the computer. That way we could have a cuddle!

I’m headed off for a little adventure with my friend Ev today, and then we will go out for lunch to celebrate her birthday.

My sister Tamara and her husband are flying in late this afternoon, for an annual business trip and we will be going out for dinner!

We always find great restaurants to try out when they are here.

Morgan is leaving on a band trip to Winnipeg on Thursday, and Holly has a week off while the restaurant she works at is being renovated.

She’s repainting her room while she’s off work. I’ll post pictures of her effort when she’s done.

So. . .

Time to get busy!

See you tommorow.

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