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A cozy fall evening

Have you ever gotten the sudden urge for your favorite cookie?

I certainly have, and thanks to a Martha Stewart ‘good thing’ many years ago, a home baked cookie can be had in no time!

If I’ve been on a baking binge, you will likely find some of these in my freezer.

I must admit that Smartie cookies are my absolute favorite. (with brown sugar oatmeal a close second.)

If I baked a double batch all at once and froze half the cookies, I would eat them straight out of the freezer in just a few days.

All it take to go from a frozen log of cookie dough to hot, fresh from the oven cookies is this. . .

Cut the log into cookies of fairly equal size.

Bake for 12 minutes at 350 degrees.

Let cookies cool on pan for a minute or two.

Transfer to cookie rack.

Enjoy the sight of all those cookies while ignoring all those sesame seeds on the counter. Then, because this was not about baking, but eating your favorite cookie. . .

Brew your favorite tea, grab a few cookies and a good book, snuggle in a comfy chair and enjoy a cozy fall evening.

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