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A Gift

My father-in-law is in the hospital. He developed severe back pain at the beginning of January.

Last week he finally went into the hospital because they just couldn’t seem to figure out what was wrong. A few days ago the problem was discovered. An infection in his bone marrow. In his case it is in his spine and most likely his foot as well. The treatment is six to eight weeks on antibiotics.

We are all just relieved that we know what is wrong and that it can be fixed.

In the mean time my mother-in-law has gotten very little sleep and has spent most of her time with him.

I’m going to visit today and thought it would be nice to bring her something for supper.

I tried out a new crockpot soup recipe last night. It was very tasty and I decided to bring her the leftovers.

As usual of course there was not a plastic container to be found! The kids use them, forget them in their bags and by the time they are found again . . . gross! The container has to be thrown out. Thank goodness for the dollar store!

I did find an empty spagetti sauce jar that I had saved to use as a vase for flowers, in the summer.

Once the soup went into the jar it looked rather special.

I got excited.

What else could I do?

Some card stock, a botanical sticker (dollar store) and a ribbon saved from a Thanksgiving gift …


A special gift.

Get well soon Dad! You are in our prayers.

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