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A Life of Whimsey Just got a Makeover!

This had been in the works for quite some time. I was never really happy with my last makeover and my efforts to fix things didn’t work at all.

Truthfully, weirdly, it made me not want to blog. I felt so depressed looking at my blog when a new post went up, that, even when I wasn’t crazy busy and had a little time to write I just . . . didn’t.

I’ve tried learning how to change up the design myself over the years with very little success. I seriously doubt that coding will ever be in my future.

So, what can a bummed out blogger do??

She can turn to the professionals!

I’ve also been mulling over what to do about my photography portfolio site and found myself on Etsy time and again, looking for a new logo, or marketing packages that could help me find a ‘look’ that I loved and could keep for the long haul, rather than changing it out time and again because I was never quite satisfied.

I’ve finally done it!

With a beautiful photographer’s marketing package from Brydka at Studio Bee Kay and the fabulous web design skills of Rita over at CoffeeShop Designs I’m finally happy with both my blog design and my portfolio site. Brydka included a ton of elements in her marketing package including a logo, Blog Header (which Rita made into a slide show!) cool frames and a Facebook timeline cover. She also added pretty much anything I’ll need for marketing once I’m ready to go from amateur to professional photographer. (I’m aiming for early next spring . . .)

It’s all just so pretty and I’m pretty sure you’ll be seeing me here more often. Don’t forget to check out all the fun links on the menubar under my header. Rita did a fabulous job with that as well!

I’m a huge ‘do-it-yourselfer’ but sometimes . . . it just makes more sense to turn to the professionals!

Thank you ladies for giving me this beautiful design and all the tools I need to ‘do-it-myself’ going forward.

You are awesome!

So . . . what do you think? Do any of you find it more difficult to work in a less than appealing environment or is it just me???

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