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A New Computer!

After more than a month of being without my own computer, I’m back in business.

My son Morgan has been very sweet in allowing me to use his laptop but it’s not the same as having your own.

I had thought I had purchased a desktop from Dell online but when, after a few days they was no e-mail acknowledging my order I got concerned. For good reason as it turns out. Somehow My order didn’t actually go through. Making things worse was the fact that what I had ordered was on sale for one day only. It was now $200 extra!

In the meantime while using Morgan’s laptop I was regretting purchasing a desktop. I have something in the works that really requires a laptop and although I don’t anticipate needing it for another year, if I had bought a desktop now there is no way I would spend the money on another computer a year from now!

So. . .

Morgan and I went shopping last night.

I’m still wincing over the money spent, but, well. . .

I love it!

Now all I need are my files which the computer repair people are backing up for me.

She loves to sniff!

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