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A Photography Challenge

As a way to improve my photography this year I decided to join Clickin Moms, an awesome photography forum.

One of they creative challenge things they do is to weekly post a list that has a photo prompt for each day with the idea being that these photos help to give you a glimpse into your daily life

I thought this would be fun but the forum challenge is to use an iPhone or android and then posting it to Instagram.

As I have neither iPhone nor android and I am one of likely a small handful of people in the world who doesn’t think Instagram is the best thing since sliced bread . . .

I decided to use whichever camera is handy and just post the pictures to my blog everyday instead.

*hopefully I’m not breaking any forum rules though . . . (Chandra? Any idea?) Clickin Moms calls this Glimpse for obvious reasons but as I am not really following the rules properly I am just going to call it Daily Life . . .

Today’s words are:

Favorite Recipes . . .

Best chocolate treat ever!

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