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A Rainy Week

The forecast is for showers all week.

It’s been quite gloomy with the odd sunny break and I didn’t think any gardening would be happening this week.

So far, I’ve been right!

This is due less to the random showers however, and more to the fact that the end of the school year is always busy!

Last night was a “Thank you for the music” concert which showcased the church choir past and present as well as the school band, past and present.

It was a great evening, although somewhat sad as well, as we said good- bye to our band/choir director and acting school principal.

He will be sorely missed.

I got very teary watching the junior, senior and alumni band members on stage. I have a child in each of those bands.

This was Morgan’s last trombone performance as a senior.

Things are changing. . .

But I can always find solace in the garden. . .

Although I think I’ll wait until it stops raining!

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