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Adventures in Edmonton . . . Tea at Rutherford House

For my mother-in-law’s birthday this year all the daughters and daughters-in-law ( there are 10 kids in Henry’s family) thought it would be fun to do something a little different. A few ideas were tossed around but in the end we all agreed that high tea at Rutherford house sounded the most fun.

If you love delicious food, old houses and decor and lovely service . . . the Rutherford House is the place to go.

I was still not feeling the greatest so I was really looking forward to an afternoon out and a chance to use my camera in a new location.

Only, if you can believe it (I can’t!) I forgot my camera!!!


While I was busy kicking myself my lovely sister-in-law Andrea saved the day by offering me her camera!

How sweet was that?

Because I use and Olympus and she a Canon I decided not to try to figure out how to use manual settings but just went automatic for the afternoon.

I had a blast taking pictures although . . . I do believe I may have missed out on some quality visiting time as I wandered around the house once I had finished eating.

They were about to send out a search party when I finally rejoined them.

So, without further ado . . . another adventure in pictures . . .

Ummmmm. . .

I am experiencing some very odd technical problems . . .

When I try to add these pictures to my blog all but one of them show up black!!

I’ve tried a few things but nothing seems to work.

So, because I spent a long time working on this post and the pictures, I am going to be a little unorthodox and give you a link to send you to my Facebook page to view them.

Because I can load them onto Facebook!

How weird is that? Pop on over to Facebook and check them out. *I need one more like on my Facebook page to unlock extra features so if you you give me a like I would be very grateful. . .

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