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Am I coming or going?

For the last few weeks I couldn’t really tell you! Whew! What is it about spring that has the To Do list getting longer and longer and the hours of the day getting shorter and shorter? ( at least that’s what it seems like to me!) My ‘extra’ job has been keeping my very busy as have all the ‘unexpected’ things that always seem to pop up when you are the busiest. ( like the phone call I got just after I had returned home from my morning bus run.) ” Hello, this is the school. Jesse has to be here this morning for the provincial achievement tests.” “Yes I know, isn’t he there?” “No.” ” What time does the test start?” “Right now.” He slept in. Again. ” Oh man!” Of course I had brought my bus home rather than my vehicle, so I would gain a few precious minutes to (hopefully) spend in my garden. Now what?! Thankfully a good friend was visiting another friend and neighbour so I ran over there (literally!), picked up her vehicle and raced home to pick up Jesse. Was he ready? Standing at the end of the driveway? Champing at the bit to get to school? Well. . . He’s fifteen. Sigh. . .

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