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An adventure with Ev

I took my friend Ev out for her birthday last week.

We went to see a house first. (which requires a post of it’s own.)

Next we headed off to a little town near by.

I had always thought of this town as a boring, nothing special, kind of place.

But Ev brought me too the old part of town.

There were old houses everywhere! (I love old houses.)

We had lunch in a converted school.

How fun is this?

The little restaurant was in the basement.

The main floor held this small museum, and a school was having a tour while we were there. ( They even had the kids scrubbing the floor on their hands and knees!)

The other room on the main floor had an art gallery with some amazing metal horses.

I didn’t take any pictures though.

We went up to the top floor so Ev’s daughter Alice could see the wedding dresses.

We also found this hat collection.

It came from a woman in government who was well known for her stylish hats.

Does anyone besides me wish we still wore hats?

Once Alice had had her fill of the wedding dresses, we moved on to the building next door.

It had some pretty neat stuff in it. I left with 4 root beer candy sticks.

They were not for my kids! Yum!

There were also lots of interesting items for sale and I began to feel very crafty.

To bad I don’t have time to craft right now.

Oh well. . . Unto everything there is a season. . .

I don’t know about you, but I love finding out of the way places and learning new things.

To me, that’s an adventure!

Happy Birthday Ev.

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