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Baking Bread

Baking bread, among other things, was on my To Do list today.

I love bread.

All kinds of bread.

I can even remember where and/or when I had bread that was something more than just good.

Bread that was sublime.

Like the dinner buns served at my sister-in-law’s wedding some 13 years ago. We had dinner in the officer’s mess and the buttery, flaky bottoms of those buns!. . .

Oh my, I can still taste them. . .

In the past I would have used my bread machine. For this to work with my schedule, I would have to start it the minute I got home in the morning or I would not have time to bake it before I had to leave again in the afternoon.

If I didn’t mind baking the loaf in the machine it would work alright I suppose but,(sorry if you are a bread machine lover) I really don’t like the crust you get that way.

However, thanks to my sister Lisa (an awesome cook and baker) I have a dough recipe that’s fast,(which suits my timetable) and doesn’t need kneading. (which suits my arthritic hands!)

This recipe uses quick rise yeast and gives three decent loaves of bread. With a good store bought loaf now $2.79 I think I may do a whole lot more baking!

As soon as school is out two weeks from now, I’m going to try the foccacia from The Martha Stewart Cookbook.

What I’ll try after that is any body’s guess. . .

Any favorites out there?

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