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Bazaar day

Well it’s bazaar day today and I’m getting a little nervous. I was up past midnight fighting with my computer, trying to make a bunch of posters. I would type up what I needed in Word, spend way too much time trying to fancy it up with a border, check how it looked in print preview and then trying to print it. Disaster! Anything I tried to print would be missing the title or a sentence or both. By the last poster all I got were random letters and punctuation! I e-mailed everything over to my friend Ev’s in the middle of the night in hopes that she might be able to figure it out this morning. Otherwise. . . I have to do everything over by hand! Which I don’t have time for . *Note This is what happens when you wait until the last minute. I’m going to jump into the shower, do a bit of baking to take along and then we’ll be off to school to set things up. We’ve got a lot of things happening at the bazaar this year. More than we’ve ever had before. I hope it all fits into the gym. . . I’ll be back to morrow to let you know how it went.

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