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Changes . . . and Danger in the Garden

You may have noticed a few changes on the blog this morning. . .

We’re not quite finished, there are still a few things to be tweaked but Jana and I are hard at work bringing a new look and better functionality to my Growing Wisdom site as well as integrating A life of Whimsey into it.

Thus. . . the colour changes. My original intent was to have both sites look the same but I loved the look Jana had made for A life of Whimsey so much that we decided changing colours and the background would still do the job.

I spent Saturday in the garden. I finished preparing the last garden bed and planted the multitude of shrubs, roses, perennials and annuals I had been babying along for the last month or so.

It was hard work people!

I was grunting and groaning as I weeded, dug and planted.

I stopped for frequent rests.

It took me forever!

During one of Henry’s rest periods (he’s working on the pond) he listened to me for awhile, (I may have been whining a bit as well . . ) and said: ” Two months ago you didn’t think you’d be able to garden at all this year. Now you’re down on the ground planting up a storm. It’s amazing isn’t it?” It really is!

But, I still wanted to finish up by the end of the day. And it was going so slowly.

Which is why I kept planting as dark clouds rolled in.

Started frantically digging one hole after another, throwing in the annuals that had waited far too long in their little cell packs.

Thunder rolled.

I got wet from waist to toe as I scooted on my behind through every muddy puddle in the garden, going from from one planting hole to the next.

Kept chanting “hang on, hang on, I’m almost done. Just a few more minutes. . .”

Dragged the hose to the back bed to water everything in.

It started to rain.


Not so gently.

Not at all gently.

I ran for my rain coat.

I had to get that bed watered in properly for the plants to settle into their new homes.

I can hear you thinking “But it was raining. Water. Why in the world would she need to use a hose to water it???”

What you may not know is that potted plants are sneaky. Very, very sneaky. The ground all around them can be soaking wet but the plant itself, with it’s roots still stuck in the potting soil they came in, can be bone dry. Normally I soak everything thoroughly before I plant it.

But I was running out of time!!!

And so, I stood in a downpour, thunder and lightening all around, while the little voice in my head wondered if there was any possibility my watering wand could attract lightning.

Thankfully, that night, the answer was no.

Gardening can be a dangerous business.

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